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Why aren’t you running as a Republican candidate?

Well this certainly is a popular question that I hear at about every presentation I make.  For one thing I don’t want to become part of the problem.  If we keep electing the same two parties we will keep getting the same results.  My positions don’t align very well with either of these parties as things stand right now.  I hope the parties are reformed from the inside out, but that won’t happen in time for this year’s election.  I want to give the people of my state someone who they want to vote for and make a statement that we don’t have to keep doing things the same way.  I know you want to stop electing the same two parties that have been so destructive to our country in your hearts, so just do it.  It is obvious that these two parties will never give us a smaller government, our liberty back, term limits or real tax reform like the FairTax.  Throw them out and elect liberty loving Americans that have the common sense to do what’s right for the nation and who are willing to conduct themselves as statesmen and not politicians.

Why did you decide to run for the U.S. Senate?

I decided to run for office because, like most of you, I too have felt unrepresented for too many years.  Why do my positions, beliefs and ideas always seem in line with my co-workers, friends and family but not with the actions of our government?  Secondly, the growing issues of job loss, home foreclosures, energy costs and health care affect us working class citizens more than any federal politicians.  Yet most of these incumbent and professional politicians have served so many terms that they are out of touch.  Without feeling the sting of the problems at hand, how can they make good judgments to render effective and appropriate solutions?  I happen to think it means something to have our representatives know what a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread cost.  Finally, I’m appalled at the course our country is taking; a sea of debt, a massive loss of jobs, inaction on social security and a federal government that can’t seem to stop growing.  So, I run to represent all of you and offer my common sense problem-solving skills to navigate us through these perilous times.  I’ve chosen the federal government because that’s where the problems are and where the solutions are needed.  As a true believer in our constitutional Republic I’m trying to remain positive that we can still save our country from the appalling mess we find ourselves in.

What will you do differently in the Senate than what we usually see?

First of all I plan to hire my entire senate staff from a pool of applicants from our own state.  I have no desire to hire the retread inside the Washington beltway idiots who are as much a part of the problem as the senators they work for.  Secondly, my team will have some good Constitution experts who will work full time evaluating all the senate bills for adherence to the Constitution.  These experts will also start the arduous task of reviewing the over 13,500 Executive Orders signed by our many presidents.  They will advise me as to which ones are unconstitutional and require the federal legislator to intervene with new legislation to correct the issues and protect the Constitution.  I also plan to seek out earmarks, pork barrel projects and all the back room deals I can find and have them posted on my senate website for the entire nation to see.  If I do the job you hired me to do by voting me into office, then I guess about every Democrat and Republican down there is going to hate me with a passion.  I’ll also push to make bills stand alone without a lot of unrelated legislation that can’t stand on its own attached to them.

How can I trust you to do what you say and stick to your principles?

Start by reading my position papers on my campaign website which were all written by me from my heart.  This will give you a true feel for what I believe, why I believe it and how I think.  Secondly I ask that you consider my background as a top performer in school, college and in my General Electric career and realize that I have always been a hard worker that produced excellent results.  I also offer you my day-to-day life as an example to show the stability and roots I have grounding me firmly in my principles.  I have attended the same church for 10 years and volunteer there regularly.  My cub scouts I have led for several years will see me as their leader until they move on to boy scouts or until you elect me to the senate.  The large family I grew up in taught me respect, kindness, love, discipline and Christian values from day one and I still carry those lessons in my heart.  Mostly I will do as I say I will because I too feel compelled to save our country from the tyrants who have stolen it from us!  I will work to return us to our nations roots because my heart, mind and every fiber of my being tells me it’s the right thing to do.

Prove to me you really are a pro second amendment advocate.

Well everyone in my family owns firearms as well as my ancestors before me.  If I were to ever do anything injurious to the 2nd Amendment then I figure they would skin me alive and with just cause. But I guess I’ll offer you some proof by just having you ask me some gun questions.  I’m sure my answers will provide you all the proof you need to know that I’m truly a firearms enthusiast.  Ask away…

What are your primary legislative priorities as a senator?

Term Limit(s) – I plan to introduce a bill to amend the U.S. Constitution, which will limit House and Senate terms to a single term with Senate terms remaining 6 years and house terms becoming 4 years.  For many reasons term limit(s) make sense and I intend to hammer those reasons home to the legislature and to the American public at large.  Since many want term limits for these benefits it is apparent that a single term is the best answer to achieve the most benefit.

Implement the FairTax – I have offered my support to the FairTax organization and understand it quite well.  I will work within the Senate to educate my colleagues as to the benefits it will provide and will vote every chance I can to move it through committees and to the floor for a vote.  I will only support the FairTax if it simultaneously eliminates the 16th amendment.

Support the U.S. Constitution – I will have a couple of constitutional experts on my staff that will evaluate every senate bill that crosses my desk.  They will also begin the arduous task of reviewing the over 13,500 executive orders from our Presidents as to their constitutionality.  I will vote with the Constitution and recommend legislation to overturn unconstitutional executive orders.  My staff will be comprised of Ohioans and not the “inside the beltway staffers” currently serving most senators.

Balance the Budget and more importantly “right size” the budget – I have several government agencies targeted for elimination, programs to end, cuts for many departments and ideas we can implement to curtail the governments endless growth.  We can begin to envision the right size budget once we identify the Constitutionally authorized spending mandates, develop a plan to retire the national debt and make moves to cut out the fat.


These FAQ’s are also available as a document on the Positions Page.