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How many times have you asked a politician where they stand on an issue only to find out they will beat around the bush or skirt the question entirely?  That is a key difference in a career politician and myself.  They know that if you were to understand their true beliefs, then you may never send them into office to represent you.  The big difference here is that I am not a career politician and I feel you should know where I stand on the issues.  


As you can see below, I am openly willing to disclose my beliefs in a public forum for all to see.  You can also be assured that I won't change my beliefs with the changing political tide of the moment.  This is because I know and believe what I stand for and it is ingrained in my being.  


The position papers on the topics below will help you to understand my positions more fully.  Please read them and share them with your family, friends and co-workers.  Additional position papers and new topics will be added in the future, so please check back later.


Frequently Asked Questions

I agree with these items:


Balanced Budgets

Common Sense, Moral and Ethical Government

The Fair Tax

Fair Trade not Free Trade

The Founding Fathers' Principles

Constitutional Rights

The Freedom of Speech

Immigration Control      

Leading the World in Technology and Innovation  

Personal Integrity and Responsibility   

Preserving the American Lifestyle     

Promoting Family Values

Protecting Life From Abortions

The Second Amendment

Sensible Energy Policies

States' Rights

A Strong Military

A Strong U.S. Dollar

Term Limit(s)

Utilizing Our Own Energy Resources

Click the links below to view the Position Papers in PDF format

I oppose these issues:


Affirmative Action

Anti-Gun Legislation

Cap and Trade

Deficit  Spending

Earmark Spending Provisions

Elitist Politicians

Eminent Domain

Energy Price Manipulations

Government Run Healthcare

Nations That Threaten Our Security

An Overreaching Federal Government

Redistribution of Wealth


The Stimulus Plans

Unfair and Complicated Tax Systems

The United Nations

Unsecured Borders

Wasteful Government Spending


Important issues of the day:

Health Care

Global Warming

Analysis on Today’s Republican Party

Public Transportation

Rights and Responsibilities

Fighting Terrorism

Tax Cuts and Economic Growth

Social Security