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Deaton Constitution Party Release

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February 18, 2010


Eric Deaton to file as a Constitution Party Candidate for U.S. Senate


DAYTON OHIO - Southwestern Ohio area resident Eric Deaton, who has campaigned since June 2009 as an Independent candidate, has joined the Constitution Party ticket. Mr. Deaton plans to file in Columbus today for the 2010 U.S. Senate primary election in May. Eric said that he feels very comfortable with the Constitution Party platform, which aligned so closely with his own independent positions.


Mr. Deaton noted that our nation’s Founding Fathers realized that the political spectrum ran from tyranny on one end to anarchy on the other. The Founders believed that a stable nation should be balanced in the middle of this spectrum with enough government power to protect the people's ample rights and not enough to take these same rights away. They decided that to hold us in the middle of this political spectrum we would need an anchor and that we must firmly chain our nation to it to keep us grounded, steadfast and beyond the political whims of leaders to come later. Mr. Deaton states the Constitution and the Constitutional Republic that they created became that anchor and the bill of rights provided the chains to hold us there as long as the people and government alike worked to keep the chains bound in place. “I am the candidate who will give it my all to place that anchor back in the middle and strengthen the chains that bind us there” Eric said.


Eric feels strongly that Americans and Ohioans alike also are looking for this same “balanced” government intended by our Founding Fathers and is tired of the two major parties yanking us back and forth from year to year. Eric said, “It is a great win for Ohioans to have another quality political party that they can choose to represent them here and in Washington.”


Mr. Deaton says that his biggest goals once he’s elected to the Senate will be enacting term limits, implementing the FairTax, paying off our debt and living within the Constitution. Eric plans to employ only applicants from his own state to run his Senate office. “Americans expect an efficiently functioning federal government that is a good steward of our tax dollars. I see a consensus that we all want Washington to govern only within the power vested in them where appropriate and to leave the rest to the states.”


He has directed all interested voters and groups to visit his web site for more information.